By Steve Tromans

“Once you become aware of this force for unity of life, you can’t ever forget it. It becomes part of everything you do.” – John Coltrane [1]

“Nothing ends, since nothing has begun, but everything is transformed.” – Gilles Deleuze [2]

"This force for unity of life... becomes part of everything you do." - John Coltrane “This force for unity of life… becomes part of everything you do.” – John Coltrane

Nothing stays the same. Even the most durable structures change over time. Change is inevitable and transformation an ongoing process without end. Think of your own corporeality, or the events of your life to date, and you have two highly personalised examples of the inevitability of change. Think of the history of this music we call jazz and you have over a century of transformation to examine in broader or finer detail.

One important consideration, however, when investigating transformation at larger or smaller temporal scales, is the manner in which a given practice (such…

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