The 29 Plays Later Challenge forces us to write a complete play every day during February. Four days in and we’re already crumbling. Please send ghostwriters. It’s going to be a long haul.

Day 3 – Google’s Choice – We were asked to write a 1-5 minute monologue. I can’t explain mine without badly spoilering it, but it’s about ethical dilemmas presented by the driverless car. I wrote most of it during a poetry reading event that I wish I could have been more attentive to, but… no time for culture!

03_-_-GOOGLES_CHOICE_-_AJ_DEHANY (pdf, 5pp)

Day 4 – Piccioni Rosa – The theme was mathematics. Kids ❤ math. I wrote a kind of surrealist radio mockumentary about a math-rock band struggling to record their first album. They never make any music cos they spend all their time doing sums. With their manager and producer seemingly bent on destroying them, will they ever finish the album?

04_-_PICCIONI_ROSA_-_AJ_DEHANY (pdf, 31pp, 9 chars)

The redoubtable Sarah Mann is doing awesome work, and you can also follow everyone tearing their hair out with the hashtag #29playslater.


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