Sebastian Rex, our fiendish quizmaster for the 28 Plays Later challenge, is making us write a play every single day in February. He promised to make it extra hard at the weekends, and delivered with a pair of devl’lish sclerotic briefs (oooh!). I was going to have a long weekend in a couple of weeks but I’ve decided against it.

Day 6 – Percy and Rose – Write a musical! A full length musical! Wh-wh-[BURSTS INTO SONG] WHYYYYY GOD? They don’t make Saturdays long enough. Fortunately I had the shoulder of an award-winning writer of actual musicals, Matt Winkworth, to offer me preliminary advice. When you think of musicals you think of a stage full of high-stepping twiglets and a Zolaesque tapestry of characters belting it out. Matt turned me onto The Last Five Years, a two-hander told backwards, which blew my mind. I went for a two-hander as well, a love story set in World War I, but got sucked into the songs of the period, as well as the poems and historical letters to and from the Front, and made another of those terrible compilation musicals. So think of this as, er, Moulin Rouge in the trenches.

06_-_PERCY_AND_ROSE_-_AJ_DEHANY (pdf, 17pp, 2 actors)

YouTube playlist of the songs, poems and letters

Day 7 – ATLAS ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ED – Write a play using emojis! he said. 😐 said everyone. This accidentally came out as a musical, perhaps an apologia for having fudged it yesterday. A musical about Galt’s Gulch, which is the terrible right-wing ideologue Ayn Rand’s bizarre fictional libertarian utopia in Atlas Shrugged. Here, a troubled teenage hacker, who has refused to communicate except in emojis, sets off for his anarchist utopia, but ends up in a political minefield. A terrible heavy-handed musical satire.

07_-_ATLAS ¯L_(ツ)_i¯ED _-_AJ_DEHANY (pdf, 19pp, min 4 actors)

Remember, the Unions gave us weekends, so use them well.

My co-challenger the inestimable Sarah Mann‘s work is worth checking out, and you can follow everyone tearing their hair out with the hashtag #29playslater.



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