The challenge for Day 15 of 29 Plays Later was to write about “your idol”; I have trolly-loads of idols – an idolatrolly. Where to start? Episodes from the history of music are a good source of drama and lols. I decided to develop an idea I had about the composer Handel and Jimi Hendrix being neighbours. This really happened, give or take two hundred years. You can visit Handel’s London house at 25 Brook Street and Hendrix’s flat next door at 23 which last week opened to the public as a museum. I wrote a comedy about the two musicians, one with his religious belief and royal patronage, one with his stone-free liberationism, not hitting it off but then influencing each other’s music.

Day 15 – The Persecution and Inspiration of George Frideric Handel as Performed by the Entourage of Jimi Hendrix under the Direction of Psychedelic Drugs (Handel/Hendrix)
15_-_HANDEL_HENDRIX_-_AJ_DEHANY (pdf, 17pp, 5 chars)

Day 16 gave us four clips of Daniel Barenboim playing Beethoven to work with. I decided that even though there’s already a movie based on the story I’d have a crack at the mystery of the famous unsent love letter Beethoven wrote to a lady he referred to as his ‘Immortal Beloved’ – whose identity is still unknown.

Day 16 – Immortal Beloved
16_-_IMMORTAL_BELOVED_-_AJ_DEHANY (pdf 20pp, 10 chars)

It’s frustrating that I only have time to lay down first draft filler dialogue to get across the story. There’s good stuff in there but a lot of weak and stupid writing. No time! I hope you’ll forgive me that, for now. Both of these plays are ones I’d like to revisit and write properly and record, perhaps as part of a series of absurdist musical mockumentaries including Day 4’s mathrock mocksposé Piccioni Rosa.


PS. As if you didn’t know, Day 15’s (working) title is a play on Marat/Sade.

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