As we near the end of the 29 Plays Later challenge to write a complete new play every single day in February 2016, I find myself exhausted, with a constant headache the size of Canterbury. One could turn in monologues, or the “two-page dialogues that aren’t exciting” our quizmaster Sebastian Rex has criticized – but what would be the point? What is the point anyway?  Seriously? But this is no time to get philosophical, we’ve got plays to write!

Day 3 – Google’s Choice – It seems so long ago! This monologue was shortlisted for the Space Theatre’s monodrama festival, One. I intend to redraft it and record it.

03_-_GOOGLES_CHOICE_-_AJ_DEHANY (pdf, 4pp, 1 actor)

Day 25 – Google’s Choice: A Reconstruction of the Black Box Recording – The challenge was to rewrite one of your own plays from memory. Portraying doing this for “Google’s Choice” as different iterations of a data extraction exercise from a damaged black box recording added new layers of meaning and mischief.


Day 26 – Hundreds of Sparrows – Written as a response to the ‘abstract theme’ of veganism. Bell is a mature depressed vegan woman who tries to strangle her dog, Toby. The dog remonstrates. Yes, it’s a talking dog, half Labrador retriever, half cockney Russell Crowe on a bender. “Dogs talk constantly. You people just never listen.” There is dognapping, warring vegans, and very dark humour. Finally Bell has to try to decide whose life is more important – hers or the dog’s…

Hundreds-of-sparrows-15-March-2016-AJ-Dehany (pdf, 20pp, 3 actors)

Day 27 – Nazi Pirates of the Caribbean… with Zombies (and a Chainsaw) – I will actually write the movie for this title, but this is not it. Instead I told the tale of L’Homme à tête de chou, who dreams of walking between the two towers. He falls in love with the shampoo girl, murders her, gets incarcerated in an asylum, and escapes to pursue his dream. This is interspersed with scenes documenting the nefarious activities of property developers, terrorists, and politicians. An exercise in sustained disrupture and continuous discontinuity.

27_-_NAZI_PIRATES_OF_THE_CARIBBEAN_-_AJ_DEHANY (pdf, 10pp, 4 actors)

A very honorable mensh to the mighty Sarah Mann who has basically won at 29 Plays Later with her peerless 29 Play Slater, in which twenty-nine famous actors all play Kat Slater out of Eastenders. “Not all models look like Brad Pitt. But none of them look like Homer Simpson.”

Two more to go!!


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