On Saturday Sarah Mann and I appeared on the Dexter Bentley Hello Goodbye Show on Resonance FM and chatted about writing a play every day for The Space’s 29 Plays Later challenge. We performed a scene from one of these plays, Day 10’s Spiral Jetty, a true-life historical drama which in my haste and mania I had somehow failed to realize was completely absurd.

We borrowed some earnest Australian accents from Home & Away and Neighbours and acted the shit out of it.  Lines like “It’s what we talked about months ago, in general terms” and “It’s only three weeks since the car accident” are clanging cloth-eared classics of the genre of bad dramatic writing.

That’s what happens when a man with no inner seriousness tries to write serious: it’s ridiculous. I’ve never laughed so much in my life as sitting in a cafe with Sarah Mann going through our lame scripts. It was all we could do not to corpse during the performance.

Here’s the video from the radio studio. I’m rocking a radio-friendly double-bobbled hat, and my flies are open throughout. Do I still embody gravitas?

Filmed by John Clay. Thanks to the Dexter Bentley show and 29 Plays Later.


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