The 29 Plays Later Challenge is over, finally over. 190 people began and 116 completed a new play each day in February (that’s 61%). We’ve exasperated our loved ones, toiled on our birthdays, and embarrassed ourselves on the radio. I’ve personally written a total of 86,364 words, plus 6109 on this blog (including this).

Day 28 – The Complete and Utter History of the Universe – Day 17’s challenge was to “write a play that is shorter than a millisecond or longer than a millennia.” I researched a play for the long challenge but then chucked it out and did the former: Dramatis Personae, in which the story takes place through an exhaustive list of character descriptions.  For Day 28 we had to revisit one of the previous challenges, so it made sense to complete the super long play, which is longer than the universe, longer even than a really super long meeting. Cosmic! It’s shit though.


Day 29 – A Talking Bonobo Chimp Called ‘Smiles’ – After teasing us with the possibility of an agglomerate challenge of all the previous challenges, the challenge was simple. Clothes. But it was hard to start. Two people didn’t submit their last play (aaargh!), and I thought I’d be one of them. (Five people didn’t submit their first play, what?). Thank goodness for Gordon’s gin. Following my play about a talking dog, I seem to be obsessed with sentient animals. Here is the heroic, instructive and tragic life of a bonobo.

29_-_A_TALKING_BONOBO_CHIMP_CALLED_SMILES_-_AJ_DEHANY (pdf, 11pp, 4 actors – version 1 April for performance at The Space)

Following the hashtag #29playslater, everyone seems tired but broadly happy, with a pervading sense of ‘what now?’ for which I have no answer. If you’ve enjoyed any of the plays, then that’s my job done. Exit stage left.


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