On the fifth day of writing a play a day for 29 Plays Later the challenge was “how about writing some shite? Like, proper total crap.”

I brainstormed all afternoon with great comedy brains Andrew Wyld, Donald Newholm and Giorgio Caretonuto and started conceiving of an idea for the worst movie ever. Among the genius ideas I didn’t use were “the robot that learned to cry”, the plotline about John Everyman who has only 24 hours to act before the whole internet is “corrupted” by ISIS, and the movie ending where after learning it was all a dream and he has inadvertently destroyed the whole world he finds a miraculously still working TV which is showing Wizard of Oz on a loop.

What I started was supposed to be one of those pseudo-profound Tree of Life things with all those unconnected plots that get joined up in the most pretentious way imaginable. Tree of Life. I can’t believe they called that movie Tree of Life. That’s like calling your protagonist John Everyman.

It turned into just two plots. In one, a hard working family has to move out of their house because of the left wing government letting in all of the refugees so they go to Syria to find the evidence that the refugee was faking her pregnancy on the NHS. In the other, a man is sent to prison for being a refugee but when he gets there he discovers that he’s accidentally been sent to a WOMAN’S PRISON. Lols ensue! Oh, bezoomies!

Day 5 – Worst. Movie. Ever.

05-_-_WORST_MOVIE_EVER_-_AJ_DEHANY (pdf 19pp)

Day 5 also brought me good news about my monologue from Day 3. It was considered for the Space’s One festival of monodramas and shortlisted. This is a bit of a triumph for a play I’d really written for broadcast rather than the stage, and for which I didn’t even specify whether it was for the male or female actor (shortlist was 5 female actor, 3 male actor). It’s also about six drafts away from finished, as all of these plays this month will be.

Day 3 – Google’s Choice

03_-_-GOOGLES_CHOICE_-_AJ_DEHANY (pdf 5pp)

A shout out for the doughty Sarah Mann who is producing crazy wonderful plays. Listen out for us on the morning of Saturday February 13 when we will be interviewed about on Resonance FM about our playwrighting exploits and we’ll perform something of some kind.

You can also follow everyone tearing their hair out with the hashtag #29playslater.


3 thoughts on “29 Plays Later – Day 5

  1. I don’t see how your play is bad. I’m really struggling. Apparently a musical about Capt. Oates with songs from Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack isn’t going to flow as easily as I’d like. It’s going to be a long night. Then onto the emoji challenge… *looks incredibly sad*


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